6 08 2008

I have a very good friend that describes the question of mission and vision as a boat. In a sense what he says is this that the boat is our mission and the direction that we take the boat is our vision. In other words the mission statement tells us what boat we’re sitting in. The vision tells us the direction that we ought to be rowing that boat.

Our mission or purpose answers the why questions of life. Why are we here? Why do we exist? I assume it’s a question that’s been asked for thousands of years. It’s a question, which others much more educated than I have asked many times before and yet it’s a question that continually seems to come up. The vision tells me how things ought to look when I get to the end. What I’m working toward and what I hope to accomplish.

They tell me (whoever they are) that part of the role of the chaplain is to shape the philosophy, vision, and direction chapel. In these last few weeks I’ve been wrestling with those questions exactly. What is the role of chapel here at Mount Vernon? What’s the purpose and duty? Where exactly do we want to go with it? How should it impact all of us?

I know that these may sound like silly questions and I realize that we’ve always had chapel, but in many ways asking the question helps to put all of us on the same page. It allows us to pull together as we move forward. It somehow reminds us of what we want God to do in our midst in those moments.

Maybe you have thoughts about all of this. Maybe chapel played a significant role in your time in college or maybe it didn’t but you think it should have. I would love to hear from you. Perhaps you have no great insight but you would be willing to pray for me and others as we wrestle with these questions. Whatever the case I would covet your prayers.




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13 08 2008
Bennett Briles

During my short time at MVNU so far, chapel has been a time of refreshing for me. I liked it better than church services, because I was in the same room with everyone else on campus that I lived, worked, and went to school with. I could take a break from my classes and reflect, worship, and listen. Simply, it usually re-energized me and let me focus myself on the busy day and the week ahead. It was really good for me, whether all those things were its purpose or not.

I like your boat analogy. Boat analogies are great. One I’ve liked to use is in John 21, when Jesus tells the disciples to throw the net on the other side of the boat, and then they catch a bunch of fish. Sometimes, God wants us to throw our net on the other side of the boat for a change.

18 08 2008
Joe Farmer

I have always thought of a Chapel experience as distinctly different of a modern “church gathering” because as a community coming together to share vision, revelation, failures, successes, teaching, and confession, we have a distinctly more focused community. Although there is much diversity, we are all at a University, whether a student, professor, staff member, or administrator and would wish not to ignore any aspect of our spirituality (especially the intellect). Whatever the teaching, I wish to be growing in such a way that affect my Mind, Heart, Soul, and Body leaving me forever transformed.

I don’t think it’s a dumb question. I think it’s a great question. I look forward to many more great questions challenging the community to reach deep within and find the desires and passions placed by God, to begin good change and movement together in seeing His Kingdom come.

19 08 2008

I think you should wave hankies and roll in the aisles like they did in the past.

10 09 2010
Ryan Gear

When I was at MVNU (I graduated in 2001), of course it was cool to dismiss chapel a little bit. At the same time, I think that most of us realized the value of re-engaging in a worshipful atmosphere every week (even 3 times a week).:)

Chapel played an important role in shaping our experience of community, as well. The growth that I experienced as a person and as a member of the Body of Christ at MVNU would not have happened without chapel.

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