A Place to Call Home

25 07 2008

Ok, I’ve finally arrived in Mount Vernon. I’ve been here for almost two weeks. During this time I’ve gone to district assemblies, meetings, chapels, new student orientation and all sort s of other things. But during my hours that I’ve not been working I’ve spent my time looking for a place to live and at this point I’m still looking.

Oh, there are some wonderful places out there. Big places, small places, homes that are move in ready and others that will need some work to get them up to speed. It’s really a matter of finding one that fits not just my budget but our needs. We’re trying to locate a place that enables us to grow and a house that we can make our own. One of those places that you actually begin to call home.

Living as a nomad is always interesting. It has its benefits and its challenges. I always enjoy the adventures and the opportunities that lie in front of you in these moments but there are times that living out of a suit case can be a drag. For instance you wash clothes a whole lot more frequently because you have fewer things to wear. Cooking something really isn’t an option. You really don’t call any place home and being a part from the family just isn’t fun.

Maybe that’s why being apart of a bigger community is so important. Somehow knowing that you’re not alone in all of this brings some comfort. The understanding that you’re in this with people who actually care and do want the best for you makes the journey (even the difficult parts) so much easier. I’m forever grateful for those of you who have prayed for me and my family during this. Those of you who have encouraged, written notes, or simply spoken a kind word in these beginning moments. It’s a great thing to know that while I may not have a home yet I have friends that are trying to make sure I feel at home.




One response

30 07 2008
Corby Blanton

Greetings in the name of our lord. I just wanted to say welcome to Ohio and to Mount Vernon Nazarene University! I pray that as you and your family settle in to your new home and roles that God will bless you like never before. Ohio is a great place to live. There is something magical about the changing of the leaves and the first snow of the winter season. God is good and very much ALIVE in Ohio and at Mount Vernon Nazarene University. Blessings and Peace as you enter this new season of your lives.

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