24 07 2008

There are many challenges associated with moving and near the top of the list is the dreaded keep vs. pitch decision. This week we started that process…not my favorite part of the moving experience. I find myself rummaging through everything trying to, somehow, evaluate it all. What really matters? What do I really need to keep? What would I be better off without in the long run? Are there things that should or could be discarded? Is this something I will ever use again?

Keep vs PitchAs I went through the keep vs. pitch evaluation process I was reminded that we often find ourselves making those kinds of decisions in the Christian walk. Taking a hard look at our lives and trying to figure out what we really need to keep. What things do we really need to discard from our lives? Is there a way I can lighten my load on this journey. I think we all need those moments if we’re growing in our Christian walk.

Deciding what to hang onto is seldom an easy decision but decisions that need to be made. I’ve discovered that taking a regular inventory of my life is a good thing. While it forces some hard choices, the reality is that there are things in our lives that keep us from growing in our faith. Some of these things we so desperately hang onto are the things that prohibit us from being the mature and strong Christians that God wants us to be. Habits, attitudes, and actions need to be reviewed on a regular basis so that we can pitch the ones that are weighing us down and holding us back from being all God designed us to be.

I think that’s a little of what Paul was speaking about when he says in I Corinthians 10:23 that “all things are lawful but not all things are helpful.” Paul knew what it meant to take a hard look at your life and evaluate what was needed and what needed to be discarded. It’s not always easy getting rid of some things but when we do, it’s well worth it.

One thing I won’t have to pitch in San Diego is a winter coat. I don’t own one. I am told that might be a good investment in central Ohio. How many months until winter?




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24 07 2008

So true! I recently made the decision to pitch my pastor and, already, things are looking up! 😉

J. Randolph
San Diego

24 07 2008
Gene McBride

I dislike yard work with one exception, trimming the bushes and trees. I always like to take that time as an opportunity to ask the Lord what areas of my life need spiritual hedge trimmers applied.

Looking forward to meeting you at MVNU.

24 07 2008
Cindy Harvel

Gene’s comment made me think of my “weeding” in my herb garden. It’s daily or else it’s deadly for the delicate herbs that get easily choked out. Same thing with my spiritual journey, I’ve got to weed out daily, or the stuff that gives the “fragrance of Christ” in my life loses ground.

I love the picture you took of our chapel windows for the top of this screen. An unconventional view is often refreshing. 🙂

24 07 2008
Victoria Reed

I am reminded of this every spring and summer at garage sale time. I gather ’stuff’ over the winter thinking I will use it somewhere, sometime but never do. I boggs me down and clutters my life until I can’t take it anymore. Then I wonder if I have the energy to do a garage sale to get rid of it or should I just pitch the stuff. Spiritually I hold on to ’stuff’ in the same manner. When I get so weighted down and begin to sink, my Father gently reminds me to get rid of the ’stuff’ and focus on Him. I lay it at the cross and the weight of the world is gone. Thank you Jesus!

24 07 2008

No offense but we just started warming up here in Ohio, so no talk of when winter is coming. Just know that it is and you will definitely want to prepare! Winter coats are in your future. However, even as someone who does not like the cold, I always marvel at the changing of seasons. There is nothing quite so beautiful as the painted landscape of trees in the fall or even the freshly fallen snow in the winter. It’s these little blessings from God that make it all worthwhile.

Praying the move goes well!


24 07 2008

May we continue to walk on the “refining journey”,
where even more attitudes, habits and actions that weigh us down are released. May MVNU continue to sharpen its fulfillment of God’s purpose.

As iron sharpens iron, so does one man sharpen another. Proverbs 27:17

We welcome you to the “blink and it will change” climate! Go Bucks!

Safe Travels,


24 07 2008

Love J. Randolph’s comment… I know how it is to “pitch” my pastor.

T. Moeller
San Diego

24 07 2008

I think our work here is done, T. Let’s leave the left-handed right reverend to his new, more mature friends here at Mt. Vernon. I think he’s in good hands.

24 07 2008
Bruce Petersen

I had the sense when we met that you were the person for the job of chaplain of MVNU.

I have discovered a third option in the sorting process. It is called avoidance. If you are not sure about an item, put in a box and you can decide after you get here. As a testimonial, I have a number of boxes in my basement that have not been opened in hte 13 years I have lived here in Mount Vernon. When I die my kids will open those boxes and say, “What did he keep this for?”

I am also glad to welcome another lefty to campus. Remember, if one side of the brain controls the opposite side of the body, only left handed people are in their right mind.

God bless as you travel.

The other Petersen on campus.

24 07 2008
Brian Miller

“Let’s leave the left-handed right reverend to his new, more mature friends here at Mt. Vernon.”

Hmm… “more mature.” Haha. I’m not so sure.

And you’ve got a few more months to go until that winter coat. Probably between mid-October and mid-November you’ll be wanting it. Of course, if you go barefoot for long enough, frostbite’ll kick in and you won’t feel your cold feet anymore 🙂

But, yes, Ohio is beautiful. Truly.

26 07 2009

I need to review my attitudes and actions at times. This post was helpful.

19 08 2010

I also needed to gain maturity, and did so after all of this went down.

I felt like I really came away from the situation with something more of myself.

21 10 2010
Al Louth

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10 09 2011

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